September 23, 2013



Re: Response to Kaieteur News article "Recent allegations that NICIL is acting outside of its preview is an irresponsible claim by the Leader of the APNU, Daivid Granger."


APNU’s leader, David Granger’s recent attack on NICIL and Mr. Brassington is merely his part to play in the combined opposition’s continued games of charades which disguises their true motive of derailing development in Guyana.


Nothing in Mr. Granger’s statement is new and continues to be subjective as he applies a convenient interpretation of NICIL’s functions in order to serve APNU’s current agenda of opposing every act of development undertaken in this country because it is what the opposition does.


NICIL, a creation of Carl Greenidge under the PNC regime, continues to demonstrate that it has done more for accountability under the PPP administration than was ever done by Mr. Greenidge. This was covered extensively by the media in 2012. NICIL has tabled in the National Assembly audited accounts up to 2010 prior to the recess of Parliament and has submitted its 2011 audited financial statements to the National Assembly which will be tabled in Parliament when reconvened. Every action by NICIL has been to ensure that there is adherence and compliance with the laws of Guyana and its constitutive documents.


NICIL’s involvement in the Marriott project is very much a part of its "league" to invest in projects that are good for NICIL and the country as a whole. Mr. Granger’s assertions of "scams’’ or "money lost’’ are clearly ill-informed and demonstrate the opposition’s lack of interest to understand the project’s financing.


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